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PacTex Aviation was founded in 2024 from a lifelong dream between a father and son to own and operate a certified aircraft dealership and consulting firm. Even the name “PacTex” represents our Texas roots and our new beloved home of Idaho in our stomping grounds of the Pacific Northwest. 

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or for general guidance with an aircraft purchase or sale, we are happy to assist you. 

Everything we do and every decision we make is based firmly in the idea of extreme integrity. We make sure every detail and communication of information is based in doing the right thing by our clients and customers. We are so confident in our aviation consulting that we fly every plane with our families inside before passing it off to our intended customers. 

Proud partner with PlanePHD, providing reliable aircraft data and intelligence.





As an Idaho transplant with Texas roots, my love for aviation has taken me more places than I can count.  I got the aviation bug in my late teens from a discovery flight my father wanted me to take since that was a dream of his growing up working on crop dusting planes.


I fell in love with airplanes and flying and eventually got my degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.


My work history includes flight instruction (CFI, CFII, MEl), then on to being a Part 91 Contract Jet Pilot and aircraft manager, a Part 135 Medivac Pilot and aircraft manager, and flying a part 135 jet charter. I then entered the 121 world flying a 65,000 pound turbo prop around the PNW. I am currently lucky enough to fly 737's with my dream company.


My family and I moved to Idaho, which we love, and we plan to continue to planting our roots and raising our children.


I've always had a passion for general aviation and a dream to own my own dealership, eventually my very own plane. I have been brokering airplanes since 2020.




I am passionate about serving people, and will do everything possible to give them an unforgettable, unmatched and uncompromising experience, going out of my way to make sure their experience is beyond expectations.  I am driven to get the best results for my clients, no matter how complex the deal is. If it can be done, I will find a way. I have been brokering deals in the vintage/warbird sphere since 2020.

I have 26 years of involvement in the Aviation Sphere: from my first job at 12 years old as a crew chief for a legendary Airshow Pilot, to organizing Marketing, PR, logistics, Flight line safety, PR and Announcer work. I’ve also been a  PR and Executive Committee member of IARF (International Air Race Federation;  VIP services, Aircraft Restoration, Movie Filming.)


I began flying at age 12. To date, I have logged flight time in 60 different aircraft. As a student pilot, I performed my first solo flight at 16 years old, the youngest legal age the FAA will allow.

From 12 years old, local airports have been my second home. I have worked/volunteered  every week for  numerous aviation organizations: EAA, AOPA, Planes Of Fame Air Museum Chino, CA, CAF (Commemorative Air Force Museum, California), Tom Wathen Aviation Foundation, Flabob Airport Rubidoux, California.)  I’ve have international experience working in the airshow industry in Russia and Armenia.  I am a 2-time graduate of the EAA Aviation and Leadership Academy, which has been in existence 40+ years as the most prestigious and distinguished youth air academy in the U.S. 

I look forward to making your experience at PacTex Aviation an unforgettable one.




My name is Roy Aggarwal. I live in Boise with my wife, my Boxer, Brody, and have one child who has left the nest. 


From a young age, I had the privilege of experiencing air travel and was always infatuated with the wonders of modern flight.  I took that curiosity and turned it into a degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, earning almost all of my ratings and certificates there.  


Life took a different turn for a while with my first career flying a desk in high-tech, corporate America.  However, now I am chasing my second career which combines my passion and purpose getting back into aviation and enjoying my resurgence into flying again as SIC on the CJ3+ and CJ4 in Part 135 and 91 operations.  


Prior to that, I got to spend a little time flying a BE20 King Air in a medevac role.  Good fortune has afforded me the privilege of owning and operating my own plane, a ’67 Debonair, with a recent panel makeover with all Garmin glass. She is my pride and joy and I love flying with family and friends!  


As a volunteer command pilot for Angel Flight West and Pilot-n-Paws, I get to use my plane and time for some very special, rewarding missions to help others!  In pursuit of continuous learning, I am currently working on obtaining my CFII.  


As a side hustle, I proudly serve as the General Manager of LuLu’s Pizza in SE Boise on Apple St.




As an Arizona native, Skyler spent his childhood with his eyes pointed up watching the planes fly overhead. This is where his fascination with airplanes began.


A self-proclaimed "AvGeek," he loves all things aviation. Skyler served in the United States National Guard and his integrity and accountability as a broker show.


Most recently, he has been working as a Superintendent for residential home builders.


In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his family, hiking, kayaking and the occasional golf game. And of course, flying. He’s currently working on his instrument rating with aspirations to fly professionally.


Skyler currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and two children.



Should you share an interest and have significant experience in aircraft sales, brokering, and consulting, please reach out to discuss joining our team further.

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